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The Cinta Senese products

For our meat dishes and the famous NELLA's sandwiches we use meat from "Cinta Senese" animals bred, with mantle characterized by a clearly different color strip around them, hence the name that remembers a belt (cinta). Breed of ancient origins, has spread to its robustness, rusticity and easy adaptability breeding in the wild in the woods or…
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Come and try our delicious Tuscan appetizers, made of exclusive Cinta Senese PDO, according to the ancient traditions of Tuscan cuisine. Antipasti
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Wild game

For the wild game lovers we prepare some dishes not to be missed. Starting with first dishes of pasta with wild boar and hare ragu, to the main course with the classic tuscan jugged wild boar with fried polenta, all prepared accordingly to the dictates of traditional Tuscan cuisine.
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