About us

About us

salumivertRediscover every day the authentic flavor of the Ancient Traditions of Culinary Origins

The traditions and culinary specialties of the Old trattoria “da Nella” have been respected in the new environment, a real gem, in which we tried to bring the building back to relive the ancient traditions of the past.

The style proposed is a mixture of rustic, casual, elegant, with a lounge that can accommodate up to sixty people, while many may use the external loggia. A location extremely comfortable, warm, friendly, with family atmosphere, where you can enjoy delicious food and wines, listen to good music, agreable to sit down and relax, meet people, have a talk.


Traditional Tuscan cuisine

The history of the ancient Tuscan cuisine consists mainly of traditional dishes and desserts that retain their preparation for many years. The salt-free tuscan bread is the first characteristic product. Such variant of bread dates back to the twelfth century, when at the height of the rivalry between Pisa and Florence, Pisa blocked the trade of precious sodium chloride. Even Dante Alighieri, recalls this use in his comedy, when he said that he felt himself in exile in Tuscany the sacredness of bread and the importance of not wasting it, instead to use it even when it is stale. This story provides the explanation for the origin of a several ancient recipes still widespread: the “panzanella”, the “panata”, the “ribollita”, the "acqua cotta”, the “pappa al pomodoro”, the “fettunta”, the vegetable soup, the “farinata”, the black cabbage soup...
Another feature of the ancient traditions of Tuscan cuisine, are the white meat, grown in the farmyard of the farm (chickens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl and pigeons, rabbits...) and game, mainly wild boar, pheasants, the delicious pork “Cinta Senese”, porcupines which together make up the menu of the holidays.

The “Tuscany food pyramid”

In October 2008 to promote the tradition of Tuscan cuisine, the Region has published the "TUSCANY FOOD PYRAMID". In our restaurant we want to rediscover such old flavor of the ancient traditions dishes that the famous NELLA cook was able to do in the past, proposing the best of such food culture.

Our mission

With the aid of experience gained in many years of work in the restaurant business we have worked to try to achieve the key characteristics of a quality restaurant: hospitality, friendliness, customer respect, the variety and quality of the menu.

Why “da Nella”

  • Our traditional cuisine.
  • The location in the heart of Tuscany.
  • The possibility to rent our rooms.
  • The authenticity of our products.
  • The courtesy and professionalism of staff.
  • The large car park.
  • The quietness of the area.
  • Discover more by visiting us...

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